SOC Analyst Course V1.0 - Part 1: Networking, Port, Protocols & Attacks

Master Networking requires working as a SOC Analyst in Security Operation Center

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About the course


This course provides comprehensive training on becoming a skilled SOC (Security Operations Center) Analyst and explores the fundamentals of Networks, Packets, Ports, Protocol, Cyber Attacks, Usecases, and Remediation.

Key Highlights:

  • Basics of Networking
  • Foundations of Bit/Bytes in Network Packets
  • Internet Layer & Transport Layer
  • UDP and ICMP
  • Protocols and Ports
  • Cyber Attack Usecases and Analysis

What you will learn:

  • Learning Outcome from Module 1
    Understand the fundamentals of networking, network devices, security devices, and protocol suites. 
  • Learning Outcome from Module 2
    Learn how to analyze security packets with the packet analyzer tool to identify devices based on IP or MAC address.
  • Learning Outcome from Module 3
    Gain knowledge of the Internet Layer, Transport layer, and different headers for packet or network log investigation for different attacks.
  • Learning Outcome from Module 4
    Explore UDP and ICMP protocol and header to investigate in SOC for varieties of different attacks.
  • Learning Outcome from Module 5
    Develop practical skills required to investigate logs and network packets based on different ports, protocols, and services.
  • Learning Outcome from Module 6
    Learn about different cyber security attacks at the network to application layers and understand the investigation performed by SOC analysts.


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