SOC Analyst V1.0 and Hunt The Hackers V2.0 Complete SOC Analyst Guide

"Master the art of SOC analysis and level up your cyber defense skills with comprehensive training in SOC Analyst V1.0 and Hunt The Hackers V2.0. Become a top-notch cyber defender!"

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About the course


A comprehensive guide for SOC Analysts to enhance their skills and learn the art of hunting hackers. This course covers both the fundamentals of SOC analysis (v1.0) and advanced techniques for hunting down hackers (v2.0).

Key Highlights:

  • Master the techniques used by SOC Analysts to detect and respond to cyber threats
  • Learn the principles of threat hunting and how to proactively identify and neutralize potential security breaches
  • Understand the latest tools and technologies used in Security Operations Centers
  • Get hands-on experience in analyzing real-world security incidents
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills required for SOC Analysts

What you will learn:

  • SOC Analyst v1.0:
    This module provides an introduction to SOC analysis, including incident detection, investigation, and response techniques. You will learn about security monitoring, log analysis, and incident handling.
  • Hunt the Hackers v2.0:
    In this advanced module, you will delve into the world of threat hunting. You will learn how to proactively hunt down hackers, analyze their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), and use threat intelligence to enhance your organization's security posture.

Courses in the package

SOC Analyst Course V1.0 - Part 1: Networking, Port, Protocols & Attacks
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SOC Analyst Course V1.0 - Part 2: System Understanding, Hacking & Usecases
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SOC Analyst Course V1.0 - Part 5: Splunk Installation, Log Forwarding and Investigation
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