SIEM Admin Incident Handling: Part 2 - Usecase Development

"Master the art of SIEM incident handling and take your cybersecurity skills to the next level with this comprehensive Usecase Development course."

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About the course


SIEM Admin Incident Handling: Part 2 - Usecase Development is an advanced course that builds upon the knowledge and skills gained in Part 1. This course focuses on the development of effective use cases for security information and event management (SIEM) administration and incident handling. Students will learn how to create use case scenarios, analyze security events, and develop strategies to detect and respond to incidents.

Key Highlights:

  • Understanding the importance of use case development in SIEM administration
  • Exploring real-world use case scenarios and incident handling techniques
  • Learning how to analyze security events and identify patterns and anomalies

What you will learn:

  • Use Case Scenario Creation
    In this module, you will learn the step-by-step process of creating effective use-case scenarios for SIEM administration. You will understand the elements of a good use case and how to identify the relevant security events.
  • Analyzing Security Events
    This module focuses on the proper analysis of security events, including the use of correlation rules, filtering techniques, and data enrichment. You will also learn how to leverage threat intelligence to identify potential threats.
  • Incident Detection and Response Strategies
    In this final module, you will explore different strategies for detecting and responding to security incidents. You will learn how to develop incident response plans, conduct threat hunting, and use SIEM technologies to mitigate risks.


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